Claudia McAusland, North East Wedding Videographer.

I live with 3 handsome males... one of them being my husband - Nick. We've been married 3 years, together for 10. The other two are Eric and Henry, my furry children. Ok so, my house has never been the same since they walked through the door - but having clicks in my curtains and little rips in my wallpaper adds to the homeliness, right?
I named my business 'Afashionante' back when I was an aspiring fashion photographer... it means 'charming' in Italian (technically it's spelt affascinante)...years later and believe it or not I'm not a famous fashion photographer. I changed profession, added the 'films' and kept the name!
I have a real, true love for Italy. I live in a fantasy world where everything is a musical
(preferably a classic like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers) and where chocolate makes your skin perfect and you lose weight just looking at it.
Now you know something about me, I'd love to meet up and get to know about you and the plans for your wedding!